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How Safe Are Password Managers?
(How-to-Geek) - A password manager stores all your passwords and automatically fills them in your web browser and mobile apps. But is trusting an app with your passwords and storing them all in one place a smart idea?
Guideline for Casualty Losses
(Accounting Web) - The tax court denies Casualty loss for reduced property value. Generally, the casualty rules in existence prior to the TCJA still apply to qualified losses. A new Tax Court case explains further.
New Competencies for Management Accountants
(CPA Journal) - Management accounting, like many fields, is being disrupted by new technologies, including big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and robotics process automation.
IRS Announces New Payment Option for Some Delinquent Taxpayers
(Forbes) - The payment option is intended to make it easier for those who owe to pay their tax debts, although some practitioners, like me, fear that it could lead to abuse.
5 Reasons Why Your Financial Close Process Isn’t Working
(CPA Practice Advisor) - Ignoring a company’s financial close process is easy when it is operating smoothly. With robust systems and processes in place, companies can have the necessary financial information to make real-time, informed decisions while meeting financial and tax reporting deadlines.
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