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Paying People Properly

(CPA Practice Advisor) - The failure to correctly pay employees as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as similar state wage and hour laws, causes the most frequently filed style of lawsuits by employees against their employers.

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Some States Require Amended Tax Returns for $10,200 Unemployment Tax Break Refunds 
(CNBC) - The IRS is issuing federal tax refunds automatically starting in May...Taxpayers may not be so lucky at the state level. For one, a dozen states aren’t offering the federal tax break on unemployment benefits, meaning workers have state tax liability. States that did adopt the federal tax cut may not issue a refund automatically.

Are You Asking Clients the Wrong Questions? 
(Accounting Web) - These days, more than ever, CPAs must learn to ask questions that get to the heart of their clients’ challenges. Are you?

IRS Explains New Treatment of Excess Premium Tax Credits 
(JofA) - As with the automatic refunds on unemployment benefits, the IRS is helping taxpayers who have already filed their 2020 tax return before the law was changed and who have an excess APTC for 2020, so they do not need to file an amended tax return or contact the IRS. The IRS will reduce the excess APTC repayment amount to zero automatically.

Global Economic Confidence Rebounds Among Accountants 
(Accounting Today) - Accountants expressed much higher confidence in the economy during the first quarter of this year compared to last year, especially in North America, according to a new survey.

Top 15 Tuition-Free Colleges And Universities 
(Financial Advisor) - The best things in life are free, including a tuition-free college education for aspiring students and parents in the know. You might think that a college education is too expensive to give away for free. You’d be wrong.

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