The primary reason I chose to switch to AccountantsWorld products is that over the past several years, while using Creative Solutions and remote access to client’s QuickBooks, I began developing in my head a vision of a better package that I would design and develop myself if I had unlimited resources. I was stunned when I found that AccountantsWorld already provides about 90-95% of what I developed in my head. I found that Dr. Chandra Bhansali had already blazed the trail that I myself was on and fighting through.

Power Practice System allows me to focus less on processes and procedures - and focus more on clients.

We are a public accounting firm that concentrates on the tax and compliance needs of small businesses. Our firm was never right on the leading edge of technology, but always eager to implement new technologies and processes that make office life easier, more efficient, and flat-out more fun. Manual processes just are not fun. Previously, all of our office work was the manual entry and processing of our client’s work. Even clients that used Quicken or QuickBooks to write their checks were manually input to our system. Clients made so many errors that we found it more efficient to re-enter data than to try to clean up the messes clients would send us.

After the 2005 tax season, I did a lot of research on what new and improved products and systems were out there. My software provider at the time, Creative Solutions, offered their Client Bookkeeping Solution in an online version. I jumped right in. Unfortunately, I was not too happy with what I found. I found a cumbersome process to export/import data and then usually having to update the client’s online system to coordinate with my office system. This left me still looking for that true collaboration.

I also note that the payroll processing module of Creative Solutions, even though it was robust, left almost all of the steps in running the payroll as a manual process. Manually create and print the checks, manually create and transmit EFTPS files and direct deposit files, manually enter this data to the client’s online portal. Too much work and too much room to make mistakes. Overall, I was so disappointed with the entire situation that I knew I had to make a change.

Introducing AccountantsWorld into my practice

Sometime after the 2010 tax season, I took time out to review the IT systems, software and resources our firm was using to process client work. I found AccountantsWorld and their Power Practice System. Knowing that changing software platforms is never a pleasant thing, I did the most due diligence that I could, researching AccountantsWorld and its products. I finally made the purchase after the 2010 tax season. I primarily concentrated on moving over payroll clients and live bookkeeping clients. By the end of 2011, we have moved over 100 clients to AccountantsWorld products with still more to migrate.

I can confidently say that it has been worth the work. Payroll is running effortlessly, no more manual processes. Everything is automated and like Apple Computer products, it just works. It does what it says it is going to do. Sure, there are some things I would like to see changed, but I see my suggestions being received with open ears and implemented.

I am now proud to show clients what "My Software" looks and feels like. I bring them to the dashboard and watch their eyes light up. In 2012 we moved 100% of our clients to AW products.

"Power Practice System has enabled us to truly become the outsourced CFO solution for small business."

One of the major advantages is AccountantsWorld’s concept of cloud computing. In-house IT is just becoming more and more complicated, and our former software used a lot of processing and disk space, making software updates difficult and confusing. Even though most of our work is done in our office, we do at times have to work remotely at clients resulting in the duplication of other software on office laptops. The concept of always having your software updated and having 24-7 availability to it wherever you have internet access is priceless.

Cloud Cabinet allows clients access to their tax returns, financials and payroll reports and saves us time from manually sending them files. The combination of Cloud Cabinet and the ability for Payroll Relief to securely email paycheck images to clients finally provides a true paperless option for us. Many clients are far from paperless and their employees do not use direct deposit. Payroll Relief allows us to provide paperless delivery of checks to clients who still need paper checks for their employees.

We use After-the-fact Payroll for our clients who have small self-written payroll.

We have also turned our website over to AccountantsWorld for set up, hosting and content management. Everything now integrates and flows through our website.

Power Practice System has enabled my firm to be more efficient. Efficiency increases productivity. Productivity increases profitability."

  • Power Practice System has enabled us to truly become the outsourced-CFO solution for small business. Basically most of our clients want to write checks and keep track of their checkbook balance. The Accounting Power program allows us to provide that solution to them. For our more sophisticated clients, they let us handle 100% of their bookkeeping and accounting work and have a log in to just "view" what is happening.
  • While we’re located in New Jersey, we have a Dairy Queen in Charlotte NC – over 600 miles away – for whom we are their outsourced CFO. Technology breaks the geographic limitations of yesteryear.
  • On the other hand, we have a debt collection agency that moved right into our building so that we can be their full accounting department!
  • Because of the power of our system, we’ve been able to acquire a very big new insurance client. We have just been engaged to be their outsourced CFO, and will be handling dozens of monthly commission payments totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. These guys know how to write and sell insurance, but need someone with the tools we have to ensure the money keeps flowing and producers are paid. AccountantsWorld’s tools will allow me to ensure this for them.
  • Because of our new streamlined efficiencies, we process client work in a fraction of the time that it used to take. It’s the perfect combination of payroll and accounting power. In my old systems, there were many manual steps in the payroll process, including direct deposit, tax payments, third party liens, etc. Not only did they have to be manually processed for payroll, they had to be manually entered into the accounting system. Now we have the full automation of payroll AND everything integrates and imports right into Accounting Power. Hundreds of hours saved.
  • This efficiency allows us to process more work with less staff and virtually no errors. Other accountants in my area have told me they would need two additional staff members to handle the same level of work, which equates to about a $150,000 savings and more profit in my pocket.

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