Success Stories

Hear what your peers are saying about how AccountantsWorld Cloud Solutions
have helped them transform and grow their practice.

"Power Practice has enabled us to truly become the outsourced CFO solution for small business. And it allows me to focus less on processes and procedures - and more on clients.

Payroll runs effortlessly, no more manual processes. Everything is automated and like Apple products, it works. It does what it says it is going to do. Because of the streamlined efficiencies of the system, we process work for our clients in a fraction of the time that it used to. The combination of payroll and accounting power... allows us to process more work with less staff and less errors."

Jim Sosinski, CPA

"I found working with QuickBooks to be clunky and inconvenient not only for myself, but also for my clients. And we found QuickBooks' online version to be very weak for inventory, job costing or customized reports. So, I went looking for a new and better solution.

I waited a year before I got the "guts" to pull the trigger on buying the Power Practice System. I am so glad that I did! We can share so much more information with our clients, and provide them a repository for all of their scanned documents and receipts which all of our clients appreciate.

Now the word is getting out to small businesses in my area, and many of them are calling my firm now to get signed up for accounting and payroll. So as a result of a good product and service, my firm is growing, and most of that growth is from referrals which is VERY exciting!"

Sherry S. Borshoff, CPA

"We had a client who opened locations in four states. We needed a way to do their bookkeeping and to keep everyone up-to-date on the balance in the bank. We set up the accounting module to manage what the client was able to do, so we maintained ultimate control while providing the client with just what they needed. It works great. At a glance we always know what is in the bank.

But that's only one part of Power Practice. We have our website with you… it works great. And we have real-time payroll. You can set everything up, process payrolls, have direct deposit, have the tax returns prepared, filed, etc. This gives you an arsenal of accounting products to attack your clients’ needs.

And the price... look up "bargain" in Webster’s and a picture of "Power Practice" will be listed!"

Michael G. Barb

"We searched for years for a cloud-based approach that was both competent and affordable. We found capable solutions but they cost an arm and two legs. Other solutions were affordable, but were little more than glorified check writing programs. And all of them were focused on the individual end-user, not the practicing accountant. Finally, we found what we needed at AccountantsWorld. The price is right, the capability is a great match for our need and we love the accountant-centric focus.

Our clients appreciate the ease of use and the ability to work from anywhere. Best of all, because we no longer have to re-enter all the data, we're able to reduce our direct involvement by about 40 percent! That enables us to handle more clients in the same time, which dramatically improves our bottom line."

Jerry Stephens