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The Irresistible Allure Of Abusive Conservation Tax Deductions

(Forbes) - There is no such thing as bad publicity. That may be what is proved by the continuing growth of the syndicated conservation easement industry in 2018 in the face of dire warnings from the IRS.

Recorded Webinar: 5 CAS Practice Growth Killers … And How to Overcome Them

Do you want to grow your firm’s Client Accounting Services (CAS) practice and make it really successful? If yes, you don’t want to fall in the same traps that made several firms struggle. Hitendra’s 60-minute webinar will help you overcome and avoid the top 5 most common CAS practice growth killers that have been experienced by firms of almost all sizes. WATCH ON-DEMAND

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IRS Compliance Enforcement Targets: Meet the IRS’ New Fraud Enforcement Office 
(IRS Mind) - Over the past several years, the IRS has put tax fraud investigations on the back burner. Statistics show a drop in criminal investigations and prosecutions in the past several years:

How Unconventional Monetary Policy Turned Conventional 
(Bloomberg) - Global central bankers are discovering that monetary policies they once viewed as unconventional and temporary are now proving to be conventional and long-lasting.

A New Approach to Teaching Ethical Decision Making to Accounting Students 
(CPA Journal) - Accounting educators have used ethical decision-making models to teach ethics to accounting students for many years. The traditional models rely on prescriptive reasoning to analyze alternative courses of action and select the best choice, but these models fail to adequately consider organizational variables...

Small Businesses Hired Slightly More in September, says Paychex 
(Accounting Today) - Small-business employment and hours worked grew a bit in September, especially in the Northeast and within the construction industry, according to the latest monthly report from payroll giant Paychex.

Offer Client Accounting Services in 90 days

To offer Client Accounting Services (CAS), you don’t need to be a big firm - and you don't need new clients. Learn how to leverage your existing skills and clients to start a profitable CAS practice. READ OUR POST

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