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Newborn Elephant Discovers Its Trunk

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Why CPAS Need to Strengthen Their Public Speaking Skills

(Ohio CPA Voice) - While public speaking can send chills down any professional’s spine, one expert says it’s a skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. “CPAs find themselves in public speaking situations all the time,” said Eileen Smith, founder of SpokeSmith. “Every time you speak up in a meeting, meet with a client, or make a presentation to the big boss

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Tax Whistleblower: Thinking About Going To Tax Court? Recent Court Decisions Show Path Forward 
(Forbes) - For a tax whistleblower — deciding to go to Tax Court is a big decision. Two recent cases give clarity of what a whistleblower needs to show to ensure her case is heard — and also provided good news on discovery for whistleblowers in Tax Court.

People Aren’t Cutting Back on Tips Even as Inflation Surges 
(CNBC) - Diners tipped an average of 19.6% at full-service restaurants and 16.9% at quick-service eateries during the second quarter, which was roughly in line with a year ago, according to sales data from software provider Toast.

IRS Pledges not to Use Extra Funding to Audit Lower-income Taxpayers 
(Accounting Today) - Commissioner Rettig is promising not to use the nearly $80 billion his agency will be receiving to increase audits of small businesses or taxpayers who earn less than $400,000.

The 25 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In 
(Kiplinger) - Take a look at our list of American cities with the lowest costs of living. Is one of the cheapest cities in the U.S. right for you?

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