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IRS Form 1099-K: Will You Get One from Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App?

(Kiplinger) - A new $600 reporting threshold for IRS Form1099-K involves payment networks like Venmo, PayPal, Amazon, Square, and Cash App.

20 Tips to Turbocharge Your Payroll Practice

Many accountants are making more money per hour of their time with payroll services than their peers are making from tax, accounting, or audit. What’s their secret? DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK

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Donor-Advised Funds Offer a Charitable Way to Harvest a Tax Break 
(CPA Practice Advisor) - The number of DAFs has nearly tripled to 1.3 million since Congress approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017.

Why Working From Home Could Be Here To Stay 
(Forbes) - The Covid-19 pandemic-induced push into working from home (WFH) now seems to be a permanent part of the labor market, according to some experts. But others think business cycles and employer needs may eventually push more people back into the office.

Why Working From Home Could Come To An End 
(Forbes) - Working from home (WFH) has taken a big jump after the Covid-19 pandemic, and some very smart people think it’s here to stay (as I reviewed in my last blog), because many highly educated workers like it.

7 PowerPoint Features You Should Use During Presentations 
(How-to-Geek) - As you may already know, Microsoft PowerPoint offers a robust feature set for creating presentations. But what kind of tools are useful for actually presenting a slideshow? We’ll walk you through several features that can help…

After-the-Fact Payroll: Full compliance, zero headaches

After-the-Fact Payroll is the most comprehensive cloud-based solution for payroll compliance. Your filings are always accurate and on-time. Prepare and e-file federal and state forms including W2s, W3s, and 1099s, faster and easier than ever. LEARN MORE

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